Family-Friendly Bathroom Designs

Family Friendly Bathroom Designs

Family-friendly bathrooms can be sophisticated if you dream up a design that is both tasteful and functional. Our pro tips? Create different zones within your bathroom, rethink your storage and create space that is fun, attractive and safe for kids. We give you seven fantastic ideas for Perth bathroom renovations!

1 – Full Wall Tiles

When it comes to bathroom renovations, Perth locals love investing in quality tiling. If you are looking for a design solution that is resistant to constant wall splashes, then floor-to-ceiling tiles are ideal. Bathing your kids won’t be stressful if you don’t have to worry about making surfaces wet. You can also consider purchasing larger tiles as they are easier to clean.   

2 – Slip-Free Floors

The bathroom is the busiest zone in your home, and wet floors can be a real hazard. Choose tiles or other flooring solutions that have high slip resistance to ensure maximum safety. Textured tiles are the least slippery, but you can also apply additional safety coating or anti-slip tapes, stickers and mats.

3 – Additional Storage Space

When you have a large family, there can never be too much storage space in your bathroom. Ordering custom cabinets is a fantastic idea because you can have as many compartments as you need. While some shelves and drawers should be within the reach of your children, others should be safely kept away from them. For example, you might need a separate storage unit for sharp and dangerous objects like razors, scissors and manicure sets.

4 – Double Vanity

There will be times when you just won’t have the luxury of being alone in the bathroom. Imagine a busy morning when everyone is getting ready to go to work or school… Having a double vanity instead of just one is extremely convenient, and it doesn’t have to take up too much space if you order it made-to-measure.

5 – Shower & Bath

Why choose between a shower and a bath when you can have both! Whichever option you select, chances are not everyone will be happy with it. You can create multiple zones within one large bathroom. How about a walk-in shower in one corner and a bathtub in the other?

6 – Colourful Details

Monochromatic bathrooms are elegant and classy, but minimalist space might not be very inviting for your children. Adding bold, fun and colourful details will make them happier about brushing their teeth or taking a bath! Kids will love vibrant mosaic tiles, smart mirrors, funky storage units or colourful floor mats.

7 – Child-Friendly Bathroom Accessories

There are so many bathroom accessories that can make life easier for your children. You can buy a step stool or have it incorporated into your custom-made vanity as a pull-out wooden box. If you like beautiful spa-like towel containers, you can keep them in your pampering area, but it is also a clever idea to install rails with hooks that are much more convenient for kids. You can also hang some colourful art pieces or family photographs on walls because they are a great distraction for kids!

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