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When you’re running a school or a day care centre, storage is your best friend! Things can get pretty untidy quickly if you don’t have adequate cabinets to put away pencils, toys and other supplies! Our team knows all there is to about the varying needs of schools and day care centres having spent many years designing, making and installing cabinets for thousands of clients. We work with you to assess your needs so we can provide storage solutions that stand the test of time.

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School Cabinet Maker Perth Specialists

Great classroom storage is imperative to a productive enjoyable learning environment. At Master Cabinets we provide a vast range of cabinets for schools throughout Perth. All our quality cabinets are made from Australian-made Polytec by our qualified tradespeople. In addition, we provide a 7-year warranty so you can buy from us in complete confidence. When it comes to creating robust school cabinets, you can count on Master Cabinets!


Day Care Centre Cabinets Perth

Day care centres need to be kept clean, tidy and mess-free at all times. For this reason, our team has a variety of storage solutions to suit all budgets and needs. Just speak to us to let us know what you require and we will provide the rest. We work with you to design, make and install the cabinets that will become an integral part of everyday life at your day care centre.
Excellent quality, service and workmanship is guaranteed!

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