Choosing the Right Cabinet Hardware

Choosing The Right Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware is the key accessory for your kitchen, providing a final finishing touch that can make or break the whole look. It is important to think about the design and aesthetic appeal, but it is also essential to think about functionality. These tips will help you choose the right style, colour and material for your kitchen cabinets

Quality if Important

Quality cabinet hardware should be your priority when styling your home in Perth. Kitchen renovations can easily be a waste of money unless you invest in cabinetry that is well-made, properly installed and durable. You should be particularly careful when buying hinges, drawer slides, latches, backplates and catches. If these little pieces of hardware start breaking soon, you might need to invest in reparations or even replacing cabinetry in just a few years. To ensure this doesn’t happen, it is best to opt for custom cabinetry. Perth companies specialising in made-to-measure cabinets usually purchase quality hardware, while ready-made kitchens often come with the cheapest accessories.

Match Handles and Pulls to Your Cabinet Fronts

While the invisible hardware must be of good quality to ensure durability and easy use, handles and pulls should be visually appealing as well. They should match the cabinet fronts to provide that seamless, elegant finish. It makes a huge difference when you pick metallic rather than wooden knobs, round instead of square or slim instead of chubby. With so many options available, it is difficult to make a choice, but we have a few pro tips for you. The first one is to think about your kitchen colour scheme. If you combined navy blue with eggshell white, silver hardware will look great. However, if you have included warmer hues in the mix, such as light wooden tones or accents in yellow or ochre, then matte gold handles could look even better. If you are not sure which shade would look better against your cabinet fronts, you can try different options. And if you think that the hardware should blend in rather than stand out, you can order customised cabinets without handles and pulls.  

Think About Functionality and Comfort

When choosing your cabinet hardware, make sure that it is easy to handle and that it can withstand constant wear and tear. Functionality is even more important than aesthetics because you will be using your cabinetry every day. Handles and knobs should be comfortable to grasp with your hands, while hinges, drawer slides and other little bits and pieces should be made from quality materials to function properly.

When to Buy the Hardware?

Purchasing hardware is the last thing to when renovating your kitchen. You should always start by selecting the larger items first and then progress towards accessories and smaller decorative pieces. The colour and style of your cabinet hardware should complement all other elements of your kitchen, including cabinet panels, benchtops, walls, floors and appliances.

How Many Pieces do You Need to Buy?

Always buy a few extras for every piece of hardware you need. Some of them might get lost or broken during installation, and some of them might get damaged over time, and you’ll need to replace them. After a few years of constant use, some of your handles and knobs could start looking worn out, and you can easily refresh the look of your kitchen just by replacing them!

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