Contemporary Living Room Cabinet Design Ideas

Contemporary Living Room Cabinet Design Ideas

Beautiful and functional cabinets in your living room will help you declutter space and keep it clean, elegant and cosy. From contemporary minimalism to chic eclecticism which combines a vintage aesthetic with modern lines, the secret to a great design is a blend of impeccable taste and exquisite functionality. Cabinet makers Perth-wide strive to offer innovative storage solutions that contribute to the visual appeal of your living area. If you are unsure about the choice of materials, colours and technical solutions, here is what you need to consider!


When it comes to custom cabinets, Perth offers a myriad of options. You can order made-to-measure storage units in any shape, size and shade. Not sure where to begin? The first thing you need to do is decide on the style and colour scheme. Do you prefer geometric simplicity envisaged in box-like shapes or retro-chic coloured with bohemian elements? Or, maybe, you want something in between? Contemporary layering allows you to blend together various elements into an eclectic jumble, but a rule of thumb is to have one concept that binds diverse pieces together. It can be a colour, texture, theme or shape. If you love a minimalistic, streamlined look, you can occasionally break the monotony with bold pieces such as oversized artwork, vibrant rugs or eye-catching cabinets.


If you want beautiful custom-made cabinetry, Perth professionals can create a design uniquely for you. You can choose any colour you like to make your living room stunning! Contemporary palettes that are trending right now include neutral shades of cream, cappuccino and beige and sharp, colour-blocking contrasts. Hip colours range from moody hues of sage green and navy to candy pastels and vivacious jewel-inspired tones. It is also popular to combine various shades of grey and off-white with bright shades of yellow, fuchsia, turquoise blue, crimson red or burgundy. Modern Australian homes often feature neutral colour palettes of white, grey, beige and black with natural shades of forest green, ocean blue and timber. If you want to add a splash of vibrancy, you can incorporate details in bright orange, lime green, bubble gum pink or coral.

Storage Solutions

Smart designs with innovative storage solutions offer a winning combination of functionality and style. Floor to ceiling cabinets with plenty of space to store everything from books to clothes are often covered with timber panelling, which instantly adds warmth to space. Monolithic, highly decorative structures are replacing traditional living room cabinets, and storage units are more and more compartmentalised. If you want a classic home library with a modern edge, you can order made-to-measure shelves segmented into versatile box-like storage units that can house objects of different sizes. To maximise space, you can incorporate hidden storage into your living room furniture.

When choosing custom cabinetry for your living area, your ultimate goal should be to create a comfortable and breathable space with plenty of room for entertainment. Clever storage solutions are essential if you want to keep the room tidy!

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