Tips on Choosing the Best Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Tips On Choosing The Best Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Do you need quality cabinetry to match the design of your home in Perth? Kitchen renovations don’t have to be expensive if you invest in the key elements. Since cabinets take the majority of space and are the first thing to notice when you walk into the kitchen, they are the most important investment buy. Let us share some valuable tips that will help you choose the right design. 

1 – Pick the Right Layout

The first thing to do is to measure your kitchen and choose the optimal layout. Simple layouts such as straight-line, gallery and peninsula kitchens are ideal for small houses and apartment, while L-shaped, U-shaped are great for large properties. If you have a medium or a large kitchen, you can also opt for one of the layouts that incorporates a kitchen island. It can be anything from a long island bench with a cooking, dining and seating area to a box-shaped square working space. It is crucial to find a solution that works best for the space you have and utilises natural light well.  

2 – Opt for Quality Materials

Quality materials are more durable, but they also look and feel better. Solid timber is one of the favourite materials for kitchen cabinets Perth-wide because it is a long-lasting material, feels natural and doesn’t get easily chipped or stained over time. Veneer boards are a great alternative to solid wood, while laminate and two pack are popular options because the materials are sturdy and durable while offering more design flexibility.

3 – Choose Timeless Design

While trendy cutting-edge designs might be tempting, you need to ask yourself which style can really stand the test of time. Will you still be happy with the same colours and patterns in a few years? Is the design you are currently in love with going to look outdated in the near future? The best strategy is to choose a classic design with a modern twist that will look stylish in years to come.

4 – Optimise Your Storage Space

The design of your kitchen cabinets should be practical too. From neat cupboards with separators and sliding shelves to perfectly designed open pantries, you need to make the most of available storage space. To maximise space and have perfectly fitted wall-to-wall storage units, it is best to order custom cabinetry. Perth homes vary in size, and kitchens should be carefully measured to provide a warm, inviting a cosy space with plenty of storage and enough space to move around. 

5 – Match the Design of Your Cabinets with Other Visual Elements

Finally, make sure that your kitchen cabinets pair well with the walls, floors, benchtops, splashbacks and electric appliances. When creating the design, cabinetry comes first. Once you decide on the layout, colours, materials, textures and patterns of your kitchen cabinets, you can then start looking for all other details such as flooring, wall tiles, benchtops, light fixtures and electric appliances. If you want to partially renovate your kitchen and keep some of the existing elements, consider which colours and materials you have to work with to ensure your new cabinets blend in perfectly.

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