Choosing the Colour Scheme for Your New Kitchen

Choosing The Colour Scheme For Your New Kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of your home where all the cooking is happening, and you want to make it beautiful, functional and appetising. From countertops, cabinets, floors and walls to kitchen appliances and decorative touches, there are many details you need to incorporate into the design. Where to begin? The first step is to decide on the colour scheme!

Decide Whether You want Trendy or Traditional

From white on white to a blend of moody greys and colour-blocking combinations, there is a myriad of palettes that could easily look fabulous in your kitchen. But do you want something cutting edge and interesting or a design that will stand the test of time? Or, perhaps, you can make a combination of the two? When it comes to kitchen cabinets, Perth locals love bold colours, but you can soften them with a blend of neutral tones used for walls, floors, countertops and other elements. To help you choose the perfect blend of colours, we’ve picked some of the hottest trends:

  • Grey palettes
  • Olive green & hunter
  • Navy blue & white + timber
  • Mint green & cream
  • Marble & gold
  • Black

If you want to stick with a more traditional colour scheme that exudes timeless elegance rather than the latest trends, here are some of the ideas you can use:

  • All-white kitchens
  • Nude hues
  • Black & white + grey
  • White & timber

Pick Colours in the Right Order

Experts in kitchen renovations Perth-wide will tell you that you need to plan your design wisely. Some of us just fall in love with wall tiles we’ve seen online or in a showroom, and we are trying to build our designs from there. However, it is much easier to start from the largest surfaces and work your way towards the finer details. Here is how to put together your kitchen puzzle one step at a time:

1 – Choose your cabinets first! They are the first thing you notice when you walk into someone’s kitchen. Because they take up a lot of visual space, cabinetry will set the mood of the entire space. Bright shades will illuminate your kitchen, while dark hues can give it a cosy, rustic feel. Businesses specialising in custom cabinets Perth-wide can help you choose the shade you like.

2 – Pick a countertop colour! Benchtops are even closer to the eye level, which makes them instantly noticeable. They should complement your kitchen cabinets, but they don’t have to be in the same colour. If you opt for a white-grey-black scheme, and your cabinets are white, your benchtop can be black granite, white marble or any natural stone in mid-tone grey.

3 – Think about the colour of your kitchen appliances! Your fridge, electric kettle, toaster and other appliances make important focal points, which is why you need to pick a colour to match all other elements. You can pick a contrasting shade such as bright red, green or turquoise, or you can opt for shades that will blend into the background.

4 – Find a suitable flooring option! The colour you use for the floor can connect the two shades used for cabinets and countertop and create a more coherent look. If you reverse the order and choose the flooring first, it will be much harder to get to the optimal solution for other elements in your kitchen.

5 – Add finishing touches! Details like kitchen towels, jars and fruit bowls are important too because they can make a huge impact. Once you have the whole design, you can play with these elements to add more pizzazz to your gorgeous kitchen.

Finally, consider the lighting options that can enhance the overall design of your kitchen. It is crucial to illuminate space well. Whether you prefer strip lights, pendant lights or other fixtures, make sure that your countertops are well-lit!

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