Work From Home in Style – Does Your Office Need a Makeover?

Work From Home In Style

Your home office doesn’t have to be boring. You can create a comfortable, colourful and inspirational space where you’ll be happy and productive. If you are not happy with the current layout, design and storage space, it is time for a makeover! We give you five top tips to help you redesign, declutter and glam up your home office.

1 – Make Sure Your Office is Bright

Whether your job is writing, programming, designing or anything in between, a bright office with big windows and strategically located artificial lighting will help you be more productive. Even if you don’t have a lot of sunlight, you can improve visibility by changing the design. Specialists in office fit outs Perth-wide suggest that you should use wall paints, flooring and furniture in bright shades because they reflect light. Just replacing your dark cabinets with white or cream ones can do wonders! You can also use mirrors, strip lights and bright wallpapers to enhance your home office space.

2 – Design Flexible, Multi-Functional Space

Do you have enough room for a comfy sofa where you can take a power nap? You can create different zones within your home office, each dedicated to a specific purpose. Imagine having your cosy corner where you can relax, unwind and spend some time away from the screen. If you have a small space, think of ways to transform your working area into a play zone. You can move the furniture around and create room for a bean bag, yoga mat or coffee table. Smart storage solutions can help you create versatile space, and it really pays off to invest in the best office cabinetry Perth has to offer.

3 – Create an Inspirational Environment

Your home office is the place where you are spending a lot of time, and it can be so much more than just a desk with a laptop. Style the room with things that inspire you. From family photos and vibrant artworks to funky rugs and colourful cabinets, you can bring in vibrant details that can instantly turn a cold office into a warm place that looks like a home. Cabinet makers Perth-wide can help you create made-to-measure storage units that exude your personal style and motivate you to work with more enthusiasm.

4 – Promote Health and Wellbeing

Working long hours can be exhausting and unhealthy, so turn your home office into a pleasant and healthy space. Flowers and greenery will purify the air and have a positive effect on your wellbeing. If you have an adjacent terrace or a balcony, transform it into a tranquil outdoor office space where you can work while enjoying the sun, fresh air and a fabulous view!

5 – Keep the Clutter Down to a Bare Minimum

There is nothing worse than messy desks and chaotic shelves where you can spend hours searching for important files. Neat space can enhance your creativity, and you shouldn’t be distracted by things that are lying around. Storage cabinets Perth locals love are designed to fit office spaces. Whether you need to store books, files or art pens and pencils, you need cabinets created for that purpose. It is much easier to keep your office organised and decluttered if you have appropriate storage. You’ll always know where to look for items you need and be able to fetch them quickly without losing your time or breaking your creative flow!

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