Master Cabinets’ Installation Schedule

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Below is the installation schedule we are currently using for our project home builders. We guarantee this schedule will allow sufficient time to receive all the job materials, so we will not hold up other trades who may be waiting for us to complete the scope of our works, and to consistently provide you with cabinet installations on-time and to a high standard.

Cabinet Quote:
Typically sent when the slab is poured – We endeavour to return all quotes within 5 working days.

Purchase Order :
We appreciate purchase orders being issued as soon as possible, but understand this may not always be plausible. One – two weeks is a standard turnaround time our current clients.

Cabinet Measure:
Please notify us of cabinet measure being required upon brickwork completion, we will then start processing the paperwork in anticipation of site measure. We will liaise with the site supervisor and measure once tube-out has been completed.

Book Installation:
We require three (minimum) to four weeks notification of when the cabinet installation will be required to take place. If a date could be advised rather than a time period it would be beneficial to both parties, as we can provide cabinets on the specific date requested.

Service Requests:
Upon completion of the cabinets there are sometimes small service items that need completing such as a damaged door or a handle that has not been delivered. We endeavour to have these rectified within two weeks, we will also do a general adjust and sweep of the house to ensure all is more than satisfactory.

Handover Items:
Handover items to be completed at supervisors request, please allow one week maximum for items to be completed.

This is a guide that may not be specific to every job and should be used in conjunction with Project Homes only. Non-standard materials such as vinyl or lacquered doors will increase these times by an average of two weeks.

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